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Granite Quartz Countertops Venice Sarasota North Port Florida

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the difference between granite and quartz?

Granite is naturally formed in the earth’s crust from the cooling of lava composed of various minerals. Large blocks of this stone are blasted out of mountainsides and sliced into the slabs that we are familiar with today. The exact mix of minerals is what determines the color and pattern of your granite countertops.
Quartz is an engineered form of stone made from crushed fragments with high quartz content, resins, and pigment.
Both stones are beautiful and will retain their everlasting beauty for many years to come.

Should I use granite or marble for my kitchen countertops?

Marble is typically used for bathroom vanity tops and fireplaces. It is not usually recommended for kitchen countertops due to the fact that it is easy to scratch and acidic substances such as vinegars, ketchups, citrus beverages, etc. can affect it. Granite, however, is considered to be one of the hardest stones. Most granite is not subject to etching by household acids or scratching by knives, pots, or pans under normal use. Granite is a great choice for your kitchen countertops.

What is the difference between quartz and quartzite?

Both are excellent options with unique looks and features. Quartz is an engineered product with beautiful and consistent options available. Quartzite is similar to granite in that it is naturally formed from under the earth's crust, it can handle high heat, and it is more porous requiring an annual seal. Quartzite has a unique earthy feel that can provide an amazing final piece to your new kitchen or remodel project.

Do I need to buy a full slab of stone?

No, you do not need to buy full slabs. We consider the cost of actual material used in your project. At Cutting Edge Granite & Marble, our policy is to only ask customers to pay for the actual square footage they use unless it is a special-order material.

Can I add matching pieces in the future?

Whether you choose granite or quartz, we strongly recommend completing each room in your home as part of the same project. There is no guarantee that future pieces will match in color, texture, or shading. If you are looking to add or replace a piece, we will definitely do our best to find what you need though.

Is there an extra charge for the edge profile?

No, you do not pay extra for our five standard edge profiles. Beyond the standard profiles, we do offer some additional more unique edges. There is an upgrade charge for those profiles. Sample edge profiles are available in our showroom, and you can also find options in the edge profile page in our menu.

What colors and patterns do you offer?

No two pieces of stone are exactly the same, so our inventory never looks exactly the same. We carry a large variety at our showroom, and we have access to even more. Feel free to come and pick your own unique piece!

How long will it take to have my countertops installed?

Typically, there is a two week turnaround time from measuring to installing.

What area of Florida do you service?

We are located in Venice, but we can reach south to Fort Myers and north to Sarasota and Bradenton. If you are not located in this region, feel free to call our office. We will gladly see if we can make something work for you.

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